2004 SER Convention

The NMRA Southeastern Region Convention was held at the Bessemer Civic Center on May 28 - 30, 2004. The Steel City Division of the SER hosted the convention and all 19 members of the Wrecking Crew were instrumental in hosting the convention. The following WC members held key positions with the convention: Convention Chairmen: Tom Schultz and Tom Cusker; Registrar: Tom Cusker; Finance Chairman and Website: Mike Broadway; Layout Tours: Bob Beaty; Train Show: Whit Fancher; Prototype Tour Guide: Philip Griffith; Door Prize Donations: Larry Smith; Contest Room: Carey Jenkins; Dinner & Breakfast: Scott Matherly; Volunteers: Malcolm Sokol; Company Store: Heinz Skolud; and Spouses Program: Diane Dawkins. All of the other Wrecking crew members opened their homes for home layout tours and helped run the Wrecking Crew Club Layout.  Of course it took the efforts of many other people to have a successful convention and the modelers in the Birmingham area stepped up to the calling.


In addition to helping put on the convention, many of the Wrecking Crew members submitted models in the Model Contest and I must say that we walked away with more than our share of the ribbons. Wrecking Crew members won the following: Malcolm Sokol won First Place in On-Line Displays, Best of Show, Highest Points and the "Gold" Mack Craig Award. Tom Schultz won First Place in Non-Revenue Cars, First Place in Off-Line Displays, and Third Place in On-Line Displays. Larry Smith won First Place in Off-Line Structures and Second Place in On-Line Structures. William Latture won First Place and the "Silver" Award for Caboose Entries. Paul Dawkins won Third Place for Caboose Entries. Our Spouses also won some ribbons. Carol Beaty won First Place for her painted Goard, Diane Dawkins won First Place for Needlepoint and First Place for Needlework. Marie Matherly won First Place for General Original. And Marilyn Sokol won First and Second Place for General Pattern Knitting.


Bob Beaty scratchbuilt this model of the Bessemer Depot which is currently being used for the Bessemer Hall of History Boxcar Layout.
Larry Smith won a First Place ribbon for this Lumber Mill Powerhouse.
Larry Smith won a Second Place ribbon for this scratchbuilt Single Bandsaw Lumber Mill.
Malcolm Sokol won a First Place Ribbon, Best of Show, Highest Points and the Mack Craig "Gold" Award for this scratchbuilt Mattress Manufacturing Company.
William Latture won First Place and the "Silver Award" for this SRR Transfer Caboose.
Paul Dawkins won Third Place for this Frisco Caboose.
Tom Schultz won Third Place for this HOn3 Backwoods Machine Shop.
Tom Shultz won First Place for this HOn3 Woodcutter's Shack.
Tom Shultz won First Place for this On3 Blacksmith Car.
Main Floor of the Convention Train Show.
L to R

Scott Matherly, Dave Frary, Bob Beaty, Tom Schultz, Tom Cusker, Sam Swanson and Charlie Getz.

The Convention Main Speakers: Dave Frary, Charlie Getz and Sam Swanson.
The Convention Co-Chairmen:

Tom Cusker and Tom Schultz

Dean Belowich presenting Larry Smith the Callahan 101 Award.
Tom Schultz receiving his First Place Award.
Malcolm Sokol receiving the Mack Craig Award.
Frank Smith accepting the First Place Award for William Latture.
Malcolm Sokol and Bob Beaty showing off the Mack Craig Award.
Bob Beaty took the gavel as president of the NMRA, Southeastern Region as well as the Wrecking Crew President.
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