Traveling with the LG&W

When we first built the LG&W in 2000, it was designed with 14 modules that fit together only one way. We knew we wanted to take the layout to Train Shows, so we purchased a 6' x 12' trailer and designed portable racks to hold the modules 4 high. The trailer was barely big enough to fit everything in and the racks of 4 modules were very heavy to lift onto the dolly. In 2003, we decided to add two more modules to the layout, lengthen the two staging yards, get a larger trailer and change the portable racks to a lighter 3 modules rather than 4. The new trailer is 7' x 20' and we now have some breathing room.


The modules are joined together with door hinges which work well to hold them in perfect alignment. The legs are 2"x2" lumber and slip into pockets on the bottom of the modules. There is a pocket on each corner of each module, and by using the door hinges, we use only 2 legs for each module.

We slide the modules into the plywood racks one at a time. They rest on 1" x 2" wood ledgers and and we use 4 bolts to secure each module to the rack.  We have 12 modules like this, 30" x 60".


The 4 corner modules fit on racks 2 high. This rack is sitting on our 30" x 60" dolly.

This is our DCC control cabinet. It's on wheels and we park it on the inside of the layout at a specific spot and the layout electrical plugs in.

We recently added 2 new modules and they travel on the 13' long rack sitting on the 2 tables. In the trailer, this long rack sits on top of the 2 corner module racks. On the floor, you see the two 16' long staging yards. They bolt together back to back for traveling. Each staging yard has 3 tracks and we are widening them to hold 5 tracks each. When the layout is set-up, the staging yards are located on the inside of the layout behind the backdrops out of sight to the viewers. Trains run through the backdrop onto the staging yards at each end.

The corner modules are set up first. They will stand by themselves. We can set any one corner in a specified location and assemble the remainder of the layout off of that corner. You can see the dolly on the right side of the photo.

In addition to the 16 modules, we also travel with a supply box which is located on top of this rack. In the supply box, we take power cords, loose structures, rolling stock, layout apron, signs and tools.

In order to get the attachment bolts to fit properly, the modules fit into the racks in specified locations. Each module is numbered and the racks have corresponding numbers. The racks are also labeled "front" and "back".

Two people can lift a rack onto the dolly and it is then rolled into the trailer. The rack is then taken off the dolly and placed in a specified location in the trailer. The racks are belted in place. All of the modules and racks weigh about 1500 lbs.

Our new trailer is 7' x 20' and everything fits. We have now got it down to 1 1/2 hours from in the trailer to set up and running with 6 to 8 people working.

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