GATS Train Show in Memphis, TN

January, 2004

Now that our layout is 90% complete, we have started taking it to several out of town Train Shows each year. We took the layout to the GATS Show in Memphis on January 24 & 25, 2004. There were 8 layouts there and we won the blue ribbon first prize.



What a day, the Coal Train had a 9 car wreck on the trestle! This is what happens when you have 7 engines on a long train. The three engines in front lost power and the four engines in the middle just pushed 9 coal cars off the track, dumping coal, killing 4 beavers in the river and demolishing 7 trees. The trestle is okay.


Crowds around our layout all day. The Wrecking Crew members are wearing the bright green shirts.
Bob Beaty gave two clinics on Scenery. You can download these clinics on this website.
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